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Honda XL200. Motos de segunda mano. Un TRACTOR con 2 Ruedas.

Esta vez tomamos contacto con una Honda XL200. Una moto que fue puesta a prueba a fondo por Matias Zabaleta, en un vieje de 8000km.
Pedro Vega : Excelente video amigaso yo tmbn soy el feliz dueño de una xl y nada malo que decir y completamente de acuerdo con todo lo que expuso en su video de esta hermosa motito en mi caso la transforme a motard y quedo increíble ágil maniobrable liviana rapida y económica que llega a ser un buen chiste... jajaj saludos desde chile... éxito...
Luis Alfredo Román Castillo : Me gusta está Moto, muy buena, Saludos
BÚFALO SOLDIER : Tengo la versión xr200, excelente máquina, buen torque
Deiby Salazar Rodríguez : Yo tengo una y es de lo mejor
sebastian barbosa : Cuánto es el consumo de combustible de está moto ?

Maglite XL200 Flashlight Review with Beamshots

Maglite XL200: http://amzn.to/2ibeUmP
Here I give a brief overview of the Maglite XL200 LED Flashlight and then show some indoor and outdoor beamshots, comparing it to the Fenix LD20 (Q5 version) flashlight.
Maglite is universally known as the go to flashlight in most households. They are generally built like a tank and they are also affordable. But for the past few years the flashlight world has been transformed incorporating high powered and efficient LEDs. Maglite first stepped into the LED game with its Mini AA models. But the beam was not very pretty in my opinion, and the operation was sketchy. But fast forward to the XL series. Here we have the newest model in the XL line, which puts out a whopping 172 Lumens. The beam profile is very clean, but does have a halo due to the smooth reflector design. The operation is much different from your typical flashlight. 1 click, 2 clicks, 3 clicks, what the heck? Its actually quite confusing and takes some getting used to. But there is a High mode, Strobe, Low, Signaling, and SOS. The low mode (or Nitelight) Has an interesting motion controlled variable output. It dims to the lowest mode, but when you move the flashlight around it bounces back up to high. I find it very annoying, but you can see for yourself in the review. The light does tailstand, and you can unscrew the head of the flashlight to use it as a candle - which provides a very floody beam. I find the ability to focus on this light from spot to flood useless, but that is a typical Maglite feature. For its affordable pricepoint of $36 (as of March 2012), I think this would make a great light for anyone looking to improve their flashlight. Just keep in mind it uses 3 AAA batteries as a power source, which will limit your runtime on the highest mode. And the operation is a little bit funky too. Nonetheless, a great improvement over past Maglite LED models. As always, thanks for watching, be safe, and Peace!

Filmed with Canon SX230 HS camera.

Maglite XL200 Maglite XL200 Maglite XL200
Henry F Krizanovic : The market used to be filled with nothing but cheep crappy flashlights  until Maglight came along. Then they started to make a high dollar better than crappy light.. Now that there is some competition out there Maglight has had to start making a better light or go broke and I think that they have dun it. But really, who needs a strob unless you find yourself back in the 70's at a disco ?
beactivelife : People keep mentioning this about the voltage. Yes, 3 AAA batteries run at 4.5 volts which is higher voltage then 2 AA at 3.0 volts. If this was a direct drive light, then the initial brightness would be brighter with the 3 AAA configuration. BUT this is NOT the case with this light. The light has a driver. Put more amps to the bulb and you will get a brighter light, regardless of the "voltage". AA batteries can be driven harder and maintain battery life much much longer then AAA batteries. Its a fact.
Glenn Brockett : Were you going to demonstrate the adjustable output? I understand that if you push once and hold you can dim the light.
Steve Lewis : There's so much wrong with this review - reviewer should learn about the product he is reviewing before publish a review of it.
Elhardt : The complaint about the use of 3 AAA vs 2 AA batteries, not only ignores voltage requirements, but it would screw up other design aspects of the flashlight. If Maglite went with a thinner AA flashlight, there won't be enough room on the back for the silkscreen of the different modes, and the light would be smaller in diameter and taller, making it rather unstable for tail standing... And my experience with 2 AA vs 3 AAA flashlights, is that despite the 2 AA batteries being bigger and with more capacity, they eat through batteries a lot faster than 3 AAA lights. So perhaps the LED has to be driven with a lot more juice to make up for the wimpy voltage of 2 AA's. So I'd say that Maglite did the right thing. 3 AAA's in a canister that inserts into the flashlight is pretty common practice in the flashlight industry.

Maglite XL200 Flashlight Review

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Sorry if something I spoke about was lost - I did a mass edit of my descriptions.
HandyAndy2012 : Hi, nice review, I've just bought one of these and wondered do you hear a rattle from inside of it when you shake it (it's not the batteries) I wondered if it was the accelerometer ?
HandyAndy2012 : Thanks, yes just sounds like a tiny metal plate or something rattling when you shake it (less so when you hold it vertical - light up or down)

Nice video, it convinced me to buy it !
svtcontour : Not a bad review, but for future, it would be cool to read the manual fully before doing a review. The fourth mode is morse code. By rotating the light, you can do your dots/dashes.
The Lone Ranger : You missed out some important points. If you press the switch once and hold it down you can adjust the brightness of the beam, anywhere from full to about 20 lumens, by slowly twisting the flashlight clockwise or anti-clockwise. Really handy for when you don't need full brightness. It also preserves battery life so on the lowest you can get up to 218 hours runtime. You can also adjust the strobe this way by clicking the switch twice and holding it down. This allows you to adjust the flashing speed of the strobe. It also has a lock feature to prevent it from being accidentally turned on, which you didn't mention
Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors : Mine does have a slight rattle. You are likely correct - it would be the sensor for the moonlight mode, I would say. Thanks for watching!




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